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Pregnancy is a very special time for women. The pregnancy hormones and the growing child-bearing uterus have effects on the veins of the mother-to-be. In fact, 30 percent of women pregnant for the first time and 55 percent of women who have had two or more full-term pregnancies develop varicose veins. Consequently, Stocking thrombophlebitis kaufen experience common symptoms such as heavy, tired, aching legs and swollen feet and ankles.

Varicose veins may also http://m.rate-tour-mv.de/slang-krampf.php They often appear around the fourth month of pregnancy and regress usually after the baby is born. During pregnancy, spider veins and varicose veins tend to get worse and may become painful, warm, and take a purple Stocking thrombophlebitis kaufen. The risks of complications like phlebitis and trombophlebitis are increased.

Deep Vein Stocking thrombophlebitis kaufen is the most common complication during pregnancy. Special attention and care should be taken to avoid leg discomfort and prevent complications. The risks of venous disorders during pregnancy are further increased if the following factors are present:. Graduated compression hosiery is the most effective way to prevent edema or swelling. It also alleviates leg pain and Stocking thrombophlebitis kaufen and contributes to prevent spider veins or varicose veins.

When using compression hosiery, Krampfadern an den wie zu compression should be graduated, with the strongest pressure at the ankles and decreasing as it goes up the leg.

Graduated compression is the most effective in preventing oedema or swelling, Stocking thrombophlebitis kaufen in promoting better blood circulation. Wearing compression stockings during pregnancy prevents blood from pooling in the veins and reduces the increase of an elevated heart rate in both mother and child. Additionally, compression stockings may reduce the risk of varicose veins, phlebitis, and thrombosis.

Compression therapy also alleviates many common symptoms such as swollen feet here ankles, or tired and achy legs. Our stockings are available in several textures, fashionable colors and styles to match your needs. The risks of venous disorders during pregnancy are further increased if the following factors are present: Avoid prolonged standing or sitting Elevate your feet and legs Avoid exposure to hot temperatures hot baths, saunas, sunbathing Move, walk, swim, bike Refresh your legs with a coo shower Stocking thrombophlebitis kaufen SIGVARIS medical compression stockings Benefits of compression therapy Graduated compression hosiery is the most effective way to prevent Stocking thrombophlebitis kaufen or swelling.

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