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❶Bei varicosity Probe|What are Varicose Veins? | Symptoms, Causes & Treatment|Bei varicosity Probe Varicose veins - Wikipedia|venous incompetence ultrasound how to Bei varicosity Probe|Looking for online definition of varicosities in the Medical Dictionary? varicosities with a ball-tip probe, varicosities; varicosity; varicosity;.|varicosity|Key scope probe specifications]

VARICOSITY Latin varix, varicis swelling on veins — the change of veins which is characterized by uneven increase in their gleam with formation of protrusions in a zone of the thinned venous wall, the distorted course of vessels with development of their nodularlike crimpiness, functional insufficiency of valves and the perverted blood-groove.

The genes located in easily compressed bei varicosity Probe are exposed to a varicosity: Most often the varicosity of superficial veins of the lower extremities, a submucosal layer of a gullet meets at portal hypertensiaa rectum see. Hemorrhoidsa seed cord see.

The varicosity of superficial veins of the lower extremities can be divided bei varicosity Probe primary, developing out of communication detraleks Beine mit Krampfadern any disease, and secondary, appearing after the postponed deep vein thrombosis, at traumatic and inborn arteriovenous fistulas, at displaziya and an aplasia of deep veins, at pregnancy, etc. Approximately with an identical frequency bei varicosity Probe of both the right, and left extremity is observed, but the disease is more often happens bilateral.

The reasons it click to see more considered the weakness of muscular and elastic fibers of walls of superficial veins and inborn inferiority of their valve device which is descended by toxi-infectious factors, the defeat of the nervous device of veins weakening effect of hormones on muscles of a venous wall during pregnancy.

The listed factors in itself do not cause a phlebectasia, and only result in anatomic and functional inferiority of superficial venous system of the lower extremities. Expansion of a gleam of veins happens under the influence of increase in intravascular pressure.

If the normal vein reacts to hypertensia strengthening of the tone, then at the inborn or acquired weakness of muscular and elastic formations of a venous wall in response to increase in intravascular pressure irreversible increase in a gleam of a vein develops.

In superficial veins of the lower extremities lead to constant or periodic hypertensia: To a professional factor the profession connected with long stay in a bei varicosity Probe position bei varicosity Probe a crust, time is not attached crucial importance in V. This factor, apparently, only promotes progressing of a disease at already existing inferiority of a wall of veins or the valve device. The size of peripheral venous pressure in the absence of valves in a gleam of a vein or at a leaky smykaniye of their shutters is directly proportional to height of a blood column from the place of measurement to the level of the right auricle.

In vertical position of the person of a wall of veins of the lower extremities are under big pressure from within.

Action of this factor is aggravated with a long static load on the lower extremities, increase in the intra belly pressure connected with a raising of weights, cough, pregnancy.

Lead also ekstravazalny narrowings of the main veins to difficulty of outflow of blood e. In the specified situations there is hypertensia both in superficial, and in deep veins. However the last owing to the arrangement in muscular and fascial cases more rezistentna to increase in intravascular pressure.

Stagnation of blood first of all affects a condition of superficial veins. Their ectasia develops, as bei varicosity Probe result a cut of a shutter of valves depart one from another and lose switching function. Accession of valve insufficiency leads to check this out increase in the hydrostatic pressure operating on walls of veins of the lower extremities as a result of increase in see more column of blood which is directly pressing on walls of veins.

In the changed veins there is a retrograde blood stream. Pathological dumping of blood from deep in superficial veins plays an important and most constant go here in V. It can occur at the level of mouths of superficial highways high veno-venous dumpingthrough defective perforantny veins low veno-venous dumping both at the same bei varicosity Probe that and some other way.

During reduction of muscles of a shin pressure in deep veins increases. If at the same time valves of perforantny veins and ostialny valves of big and small saphenas are insolvent, then the portion of blood at reduction of muscles comes under big pressure to superficial veins and creates in them conditions for an ectasia.

Not quite clear bei varicosity Probe a question of the reason of insufficiency of valves of perforantny veins. It is the most probable that at disturbance of venous outflow from the lower extremities and build-up of pressure in deep veins the gleam of perforantny veins extends and there is an insufficiency of their valves.

Thus, functional insufficiency of deep veins shall accompany insufficiency of valves of perforantny veins and emergence of a reflux of blood from bei varicosity Probe veins in superficial.

On the basis of numerous flebografichesky researches it is established that expansion of deep veins often accompanies a varicosity superficial blow and quite often results in functional insufficiency of valves bei varicosity Probe deep veins. According to some authors [R. It is about functional, but not morphological insufficiency of valves of deep veins.

Expansion of a vein with the subsequent functional insufficiency of valves leads to bei varicosity Probe of venous click at this page, emergence of a retrograde blood-groove, to increase in venous stagnation and development hron, venous insufficiency. Existence of arteriolo-venulyarny shunts, but to opinion of most of researchers, is estimated not as the bei varicosity Probe, and as a result of V.

Macroscopically varicose expanded continue reading veins the most part of an izvita with the sacculate protrusions sometimes considerably exceeding diameter of the main vessel. Walls of veins are condensed and thickened, in sites of expansion, on the contrary, thinning of walls is noted. Microscopically find various changes depending on a phase of pathological process and the joined complications. The early stage stage of compensation is characterized by formation of blyashkovidny thickenings of an intima which cornerstone the hyperplasia of elastic fibers of an internal cover, and also a focal hypertrophy of longitudinal and circular muscle fibers is.

In the last the considerable maintenance of a bei varicosity Probe and high activity of oxidation-reduction enzymes testimonial of considerable sokratitelny ability of a muscular coat is noted. High enzymatic activity of muscle fibers is combined with increase in quantity of circulatory capillaries in outside and the interlayer of a venous der Behandlung Thrombophlebitis von Venen Volksmedizin that demonstrates the bei varicosity Probe blood supply.

The described changes are regarded as the compensatory and adaptive processes arising in the conditions of excessive load of a wall of saphenas. In the following stage a stage of the beginning decompensation treatment of blyashkovidny thickenings by plasma proteins, coarsening of an argyrophil and elastic framework of an intima with development in it collagenic fibers is observed fibroelastosis. Further a stage of a decompensation the diffusion thickening of an internal cover of bei varicosity Probe which is followed along with its fibrosis also considerable thickening and coarsening of elastic fibers develops.

The inner elastic membrane is represented on a big extent loosened and destroyed. In bei varicosity Probe and average covers fields of the hyalinized fibrous fabric appear. Muscle fibers are exposed to a gradual atrophy and a sclerosis that considerably reduces functionality of a vessel.

In various pieces of a vein it is possible to find all described changes that demonstrates continuous progressing bei varicosity Probe pathological process. Thus, a final stage B. Most classification meets the requirements of the clinical physician, the cut is the basis the pathogenetic principle:. These complaints are characteristic of the persons staying a long time standing. Bei varicosity Probe appeared phlebectasia progresses, nodes, crimpiness of vessels appear.

Distribution of process goes both up, and from top to bottom. Complaints of patients to weight and a raspiraniye in a leg become constants. There are night spasms in gastrocnemius muscles.

Thrombophlebitisbleeding from nodes, trophic changes and diseases of skin, hl. At bei varicosity Probe progressing V. However there is no strict dependence between V. Therefore during a disease allocate a stage of compensation of был Krampfadern n Gliedmaßen Доктор outflow and a stage of a decompensation. It is established that the decompensation develops at low veno-venous dumping quicker. The diagnosis comes easy.

The changed veins clearly are found bei varicosity Probe survey and a palpation in the form of direct bei varicosity Probe twisting tyazhy, textures and protrusions tsvetn. It is much more difficult to diagnose dysfunction of valves of all please click for source systems superficial, perforantny and deep veins and localization of a venous reflux.

Significant assistance is given by so-called functional trials. In horizontal position of the patient raise a sore leg up for emptying varicose of expanded veins.

Press a big saphena at its mouth a finger or in an upper third of a hip impose a venous rubber plait. The patient gets up. If immediately to eliminate a prelum of a vein, then at inferiority of its bei varicosity Probe valve the rapid inflow of expanded superficial veins at the expense of a reversed current of blood from above is defined. Sheynis gives an idea of function of valves not only superficial, but also perforantny veins.

In position of the patient lying after release of superficial veins from blood impose 3 plaits: The rapid inflow of veins between plaits or on a shin speaks about inferiority of valves of perforantny veins in these zones. After removal of plaits consistently from click up retrograde to a wave of blood notice localization of insufficiency of valves of superficial veins.

Disturbance of a blood-groove on deep veins can be established by means of mid-flight test Delbe — Pertesa. Test is carried out as follows: Emptying varicose of expanded veins of a shin speaks about bei varicosity Probe function of valves of deep veins. However preservation of intense varicose nodes after walking does not allow to approve categorically the return since the similar effect can be observed also at considerable insufficiency of valves of perforantny veins.

In this regard five-cordlike test is offered, edges it is similar mid-flight, but with that difference that impose 5 plaits: Fall of varicose nodes after walking at least of one of mezhzhgugovy zones speaks about a solvency of valves of deep veins; preservation of the filled varicose nodes demonstrates localization in this zone of perforantny veins with the insolvent valve device.

On same specifies a rapid inflow of V. At considerable bei varicosity Probe and inflammatory changes of skin, the expressed hypostases and obesity assessment of results of functional trials is complicated or even becomes Variköse Venen der Beine ICD. Invaluable help is given at the same bei varicosity Probe flebotonometriya see and flebografiya see.

The distal ascending flebografiya is made in vertical position of the patient with preliminary observation of passing of a contrast agent on veins by means of a fleboskopiya.

Before administration of drug in nadlodyzhechny area impose a plait. The patient several times strains bei varicosity Probe relaxes muscles of a shin. Roentgenoscopic advance of the contrasted blood is determined by deep veins and its dumping in superficial through perforantny veins with the insolvent valve device fig. Consistently do pictures of a shin, area of a knee joint and a hip.

Apply a transdermal puncture of a femoral vein under an inguinal sheaf to identification of a condition of the main veins of a basin and administration of radiopaque substance on a breath. Only bei varicosity Probe proximal department of the general femoral vein is normal visible. Contrasting of a big hypodermic or femoral vein below a safeno-femoral anastomosis speaks about inferiority of valves of both veins fig. Conservative treatment cannot liquidate V. The medical actions including carrying elastic rollers bei varicosity Probe stockings, physiotherapy exercises, medicines and physiotherapeutic procedures temporarily improve a condition of a venous hemodynamics in an extremity and in a nek-swarm of degree interfere with further development of pathological process.

They can be recommended at failure of the patient from this web page treatment, to pregnant women at whom V. From Vitamin K und methods of treatment of V. Indications to injection and sclerosing therapy: In all other cases of V. Its success depends on completeness of identification of all pathogenetic factors at this patient before operation and on care of elimination of all pathological veno-venous dumpings into time of operation.

The second group includes operations of Madelunga excision of all vein on an bei varicosity ProbeNarata excision of veins in parts from small cutsBebkoka removal of trophischen Geschwüren vein by means of the probe.

The third group is made by alloyed methods Shede — Kokhera, Klappa, Sokolov, etc. Any of the listed methods is not applied as independent operation.

Valvular incompetence in the superficial veins is bei varicosity Probe far the largest group in the venous disorders and its effects vary from a trivial blemish to bei varicosity Probe severe venous stasis with ulceration and serious disability.

Because go here basic fault is in the superficial read article, which can usually be removed without harm, most patients can be cured, or at least improved, by a procedure adequately removing or sclerosing the defective veins.

The concept of a pathway of incompetence, often made up of a series read article veins joining together rather than one single vein, is essential in the treatment of varicose veins.

Treatment may be inadequate if the pathway is not accurately mapped out over its full length and effectively removed. Leaving portions of the pathway intact is the commonest cause of residual or recurrent varicose veins.

It is found that if only the upper end is interrupted, the valveless pathway remains as a large open conduit directly communicating with the low pressure areas beneath the pumping mechanisms and constantly inviting any vein at higher level to leak flow down it. It can form a low pressure zone running the length of the bei varicosity Probe and creating a pressure difference that all too easily attracts renewed flow from the deep veins in the upper part of bei varicosity Probe limb.

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Bei varicosity Probe

The Trendelenburg Test or Brodie-Trendelenburg test is a test which can be carried out as part of a click here examination to determine the competency of the valves in the superficial and deep veins of the legs in patients with varicose veins. With the patient in the supine position, the leg is flexed at the hip and raised above heart level.

A tourniquet is then applied around the upper thigh to compress the superficial veins but not too tight bei varicosity Probe to occlude the deeper veins. The leg is then lowered by asking the bei varicosity Probe to stand. Normally the superficial saphenous vein will fill from below within 30—35 seconds as blood from the capillary beds reaches the veins; if the superficial veins fill more rapidly with the tourniquet in Diabetes-Behandlung trophischer Geschwüre there is valvular incompetence below the level of the tourniquet in the "deep" or "communicating" veins.

After 20 seconds, if there has been no rapid filling, the tourniquet is released. If there is sudden filling at this point, it indicates that the deep and communicating veins are bei varicosity Probe but the superficial veins are incompetent.

The test is reported in two parts, the initial standing up of the patient positive or negative based on rapid filling and the second phase once the tourniquet is removed positive or negative based upon rapid filling.

For example, a possible outcome of the test would be negative-positive meaning that the initial phase of the test was negative indicating competence in the deep and communicating veins and the second phase of the test was positive meaning that there is superficial vein incompetence.

The test can be repeated with the tourniquet at different levels to further pinpoint the level of valvular incompetence:. Superficial veins of the leg normally empty into deep veins, however retrograde filling occurs when valves are incompetent, leading to varicose veins. The test is named for Friedrich Trendelenburg who described it in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Assessment of Lower Extremity Circulation".

Eponymous medical signs for circulatory system. Retrieved from " https: Physical examination Veins Symptoms and signs: Views Read Edit View history. Bei varicosity Probe page was last edited on 28 Mayat bei varicosity Probe By using this site, you agree bei varicosity Probe the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Heart click at this page Systolic heart murmur:

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